Back Office

Completing the Investment Cycle

The Back Office balances transparency with increasing complexity.

The crisis that started in 2008 elevated investor scrutiny of Back Office activities spurring an enormous amount of outsourcing related to Fund Administration.  At the same time, the explosion of alternative investments has introduced more complexity into Middle and Back Office operations.  Managers need to have confidence not only in the independence of fund accounting, asset valuations, NAV calculations and related activities, they also need to have transparency into those activities.


Bank debt is one of the most challenging asset classes for financial operations

The use of bank debt as an asset class has grown dramatically in recent years.  It can boost returns and diversify risk.  However, with those benefits come operational complexities and possible financial constraints.   When it comes to Back Office functions like Portfolio Accounting or the documentation around Loan Agency the complexities of administering bank debt become particularly acute.

Virtus Partners has leveraged its industrial strength credit platform to create unique Fund Administration and other Back Office capabilities.