Middle Office

The administrative hub of the alternative investment process

The demands on Middle Office continue to increase as strategies shift, regulations grow, and investors demand more information.

As alternative asset strategies have continued to attract more investors and deal structures have continued to evolve, pressure on the Middle Office operations to stay ahead of the curve.  After a deal closes, the Front Office is on to structure another deal.  Operations, Compliance, Cash Management, Settlements and other personnel soldier on through a mass of spreadsheets tying together data from incongruent systems and third parties.  Soon, month end arrives and the Back Office is clamouring for tie-outs so they can calculate NAVs, update investor’s’ basis and get investor reports out.  The pressure never lets up for the Middle Office.

Virtus Partners has well-established expertise with Middle Office processes and technology.

We have continually grown and adapted to continuously improve our platforms and procedures.  No other vendor can match our combination of managed services and operational technology.  We touch over 30% of the global CLO market either as a Collateral Administrator working with a Trustee or on behalf of an asset manager in a Middle Office capacity.  Virtus helps veteran managers meet the challenges of scaling their operations efficiently.  New managers come for a turn key operation to put behind their deals.  Middle Office solutions overlap both Front and Back Office needs as much of the administration of activities in both areas occurs in the Middle Office.