Credit Research

Automate and Integrate Data, Documents, and Analysis

An integrated solution for collating and organizing research data and associated documentation.

Build workflows around internal commentary and recommendations that fully audit the decision-making process. GLIDE-our Front Office platform- is fully capable of handling your credit research needs.

Analyst Dashboard– A central hub for for the entire credit research team and all analysis and commentary

Information Warehouse– Capture and store all relevant source information regardless of the format. Drag and drop documents, screen captures, or other relevant information.

 Financial Data– Upload and analyze financial data. Set automated triggers for warnings and alerts. Excel® Add-in makes it easy to bring data in and out of the system

 Deal Pipeline- Maintain your commitment list and keep the entire team up to date; link to Trade Order Management module for compliance testing

 Credit Exposure- Monitor current exposures; configure limits and integrate with third party risk analytics platforms

 Data Integration- Automate rating agency and other third party data sources


The Credit Research solution is also fully integrated with our Trade Order Management system.  If syndicated loans are part of your Direct Lending strategy combine Credit Research and automated loan settlement through the Virtus Trade Settlement platform to add more flexibility to your loans.