Syndicated Loan Data

Global Loan Express from Virtus saves time and frees up resources

Administering syndicated loan debt is time consuming, messy and costly.  

Leave the dirty work to Virtus and subscribe to our Global Loan Express data feed service.  It’s a cost effective solution whether you only have a few or hundreds of positions.

Loan Activity

Daily and intraday updates on all your loan holdings via a data feed. Initial global level facility and contract information is uploaded to your system and then daily differential files are delivered through a secure FTP site. The differential files represent the global level transactions and updates clients normally receive through facsimile or email.

Reference DatA

We provide the deepest set of referential data points related to your fixed income and loan holdings. Ratings, industry classifications as well as credit agreement and amendments related information provided daily. Virtus serves as your complete and up-to-date loan security master.

Positions and Trade Lots

Virtus can provide position and trade lot related information that you can integrate into your proprietary and 3rd party systems. Data feeds can be added to our trade settlement and position reconciliation services as an efficient way to pass data to and from our clients’ environment.

Accounting System Integration

Our global data product eliminates the need for you to manually update your loan information in your accounting system.  We have proprietary data feeds into Deloitte Solvas/CDOSuite®, SS&C/Advent Geneva®, or FIS VPM®.  Virtus also has data exchange protocols with portfolio management software like Black Mountain System’s Everest and Clearstructure Sentry PM.

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Feed data directly into your portfolio accounting system

The deepest set of loan attributes available

Coverage of 99% of broadly syndicated loans