Who we are

Virtus has been delivering value to the alternative investment industry since 2005

Virtus Partners provides solutions for asset managers, banks, hedge funds, and investors  to better manage a wide variety of alternative investment strategies. We understand that different clients may require different solutions, so our services are flexible and tailored to fit your specific requirements.  We work with a range of clientele, from fixed-income managers to hedge fund software providers.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas the company has grown from a four person firm in 2005 to a global leader in our industry. We have leveraged our bank debt expertise to expand beyond the CLO market and offer a comprehensive set of solutions covering the broader alternative investment landscape. Today, over 300 employees in five offices in the United States and Europe administer over $350 billion dollars worth of assets for over 100 global financial institutions.


Virtus Timeline




Virtus has a large and growing client base consisting of many of the world’s largest banks, hedge funds and asset managers.  The deals that Virtus administers on behalf of these clients  typically have lives of 5-7 years and are recurring in nature.  Virtus is administering over 750 individual portfolios for 100 different managers.  Over half of our clients have multiple deals with Virtus and no client represents more than 20% of our portfolio.


Virtus Partners was started in 2005 as groundbreaking administration solution for credit managers.  The name Virtus comes from ancient Rome and embodies concepts of excellence, character, and courage.  It took courage for the four founding partners to step out on their own and start a new firm that would fulfill their vision of an independent company that combined cutting edge technology and exceptional customer service would better serve their customers in the structured credit industry. Partners represents the founding partners, but also the partnership between the founders and their employees and again with the firm’s clients.


Joe Elston

Kelly Faykus
Managing Partner

Mirna Herr

“Virtus continually stays abreast of a rapidly changing industry.  It would be a lot harder for me to do my job effectively without them.”

— Fixed Income Portfolio Manager 

“Virtus had us operational in weeks instead of months”

–COO for a recently created asset manager

“Virtus staff are know the ins and outs of credit fund structures.  They’ve seen hundreds of deals.”

— CLO lawyer